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In many marketplaces and sellers, 3sixty mall is a homegrown business intended to empower our homegrown sellers and vendors.

Keeping our customers and partners at the frontier, our business model envisions locality, loyalty, and affordability. With fairly affordable prices for our customers and a commission scheme that doesn’t hurt the profit margins of our vendors, our cutting edge, highly simplified digital mall comes alive! 3sixty is a product as a result of our years of contemplation in bringing out an online entity that gives back and celebrates entrepreneurship, we believe entrepreneurship is the way forward, and we all need to empower and support each other in ultimately best serving our customers and contributing to our local economy in a humanely way possible.

We pride ourselves in being an online market place that has created a win-win situation for the buyer and the seller, through our 24/7 online and traditional assistance and help channels and a superior customer service support backed up by our fair price policy and fast COD settlement policy.

Our modus operandi

A digital marketplace completely

Reimagined where sellers can have their what we call e-stalls and customers can do e- walk-ins in an easy to use, fast, and all browser friendly website.

World-class products and reliable sellers for a no-nonsense shopping

All of our products undergo our rigorous quality checking to ensure that the products are not counterfeit or of bad quality. This quality checking doesn’t end with the products, even our vendors are fully verified to ensure we keep our promise.

We have a journey to go

Operate with our modus operandi centred on empowering entrepreneurship and fair trade in order to make these values the new normal of online shopping where the buyer is satisfied and protected, and the seller is profited and delighted.

We have a dream that keeps us awake at night

Making e-commerce in Sri Lanka great again


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